Five Tips to Make Your Spring Break Great!


Fun in the Spring Break Sun!

For many families, spring break is right around the corner — and that means lots of opportunities for travel! Whether it involves a road trip, a long weekend, or a big adventure, here are five tips to make your spring break even more awesome!

Keep the kids happy. Involve them in the trip planning, give them a say in a part of each day’s agenda, and pack tasty snacks, some games, and some books. We prioritize avoiding screen time on vacation, and taking a few steps to keep the kids engaged will help keep their noses out of their electronic devices and maximize their fun!

Play the license plate game. Seriously! With or without kids, this is a great way to break up the monotony of a road trip whether it’s via an app or on paper. While we’ve found it nearly impossible to spot plates from all 50 US states on most trips, we’ve done it a few times. Tip: parking lots in National Parks are awesome places to spot plates!

Can you believe that there are two sets of fins, snorkels, and masks in there, too?

Pack light, pack light, pack light. No one ever wishes that their suitcase was heavier, and you can always pick up a bottle of shampoo once you get there. Packing light makes getting in and out of cars, hotels, and airplanes easier, too!

Confirm your reservations. A few minutes spent online can avoid some real headaches once you leave. Reconfirming that you have seat assignments for your flights may be the single most important pre-travel confirmation you can make. Rechecking often-fluctuating rental car prices might be worth it, too — we’ve frequently found a cheaper rate closer to our travel date, and there’s no penalty for cancelling a previous reservation. Still need to make some reservations? Check out our budget travel booking tips.

Get off the beaten path. Unless you’re a backcountry camper (and even if you are!), chances are that you’ll be sharing your spring break destination with lots of other travelers. Carve out some time to get away from the crowds, relax, and soak in your destination.

Whatever your spring break plans, we hope that these tips help to make your trip even more enjoyable! Enjoy your spring break trip, whether it’s for a week or a weekend!

Some of Our Favorite Spring Break Photos


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