We’re Off to Vietnam and Thailand!

As you read this, we’ll be struggling through a jet lagged haze ready to begin our exploration of Vietnam!

We’ll start our trip with a few days in Hanoi, where we’ll visit friends Steve and Stacie, who are finishing their final year of teaching overseas — and of their teaching careers! Next, we’ll head up to the Chinese border to take in the Ban Gioc waterfall and Ba Be National Park.

After returning to Hanoi, we’ll head to Ninh Binh, Cat Ba island, and Hoi An before entering into a fierce card tournament on Phu Quoc island with Stacie and Steve for their final spring break. From Phu Quoc we’ll fly to Bangkok (cue Murray Head). We’ll explore the Thai capital and — bonus! — visit Jeff’s cousin Martha and her crew. We’ll try to dry out after Songkran before flying to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, for the last few days of our adventure.

We’re excited to explore all that Vietnam and Bangkok have to offer, especially the food — which we have heard is epic. (Jeff’s especially looking forward to coconut coffee and banh tet chay.)

We’ll be doing periodic updates on our Tripline — feel free to tune in any time for pics and more. Consider pairing it with a tasty bowl of pho or a nice banh mi sandwich to join us in spirit!

Enjoy your next adventure, whether it’s for a week or a weekend!

Our Vietnam & Thailand route, from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City.

2 thoughts on “We’re Off to Vietnam and Thailand!

    • We used the Timeshifter app’s advice for beating jet lag, and it’s been working pretty well. It involved turning off the lights and wearing sunglasses at home for extended periods of time before we left, and sleeping for 7-8 hours of the 10 hour flight to Tokyo.

      Switched our watches to Tokyo time as soon as we boarded, dimmed the window shade, got up and walked around the plane a few times, drank a lot of water, and did some in-seat exercises, too. Sitting on the two-seat side of the plane helped – we didn’t have to climb over anyone to get up and didn’t have anyone climbing over us.

      We were tired last night, but stayed up until 11. Woke up early but will rest in bed until 8 with drapes closed – it’s working pretty well! Lots of outside time yesterday helped, too!

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