Happy birthday to us!

Three years ago we decided to start a blog about getting the most out of your travel time and budget. Since then, we’ve managed to stick to our clear written goal of one post a week, which we’re pretty happy about! Thanks for coming along on our journey, cheering us on, commenting on our posts, re-tweeting us, and even just lurking! We look forward to many more posts about all the great places we’re so lucky to get to visit and lots more interactions with other great locals and travelers around the world.

blog birthday

Happy birthday to us!

As a blog birthday (blogiversary?) gift, consider sharing our blog with someone you know who loves to (or dreams about) travel … or just join us in a toast to enjoying your next travel adventure, whether it’s for a week or a weekend!

Toasting Erin's parents' 50th in the Bahamas



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