The Magic Kingdom, Part 1: Keeping Your Cool at Disney World

Walt Disney World

The most magical place on Earth!

In our recent “Little Latitudes” trip round-up, we mentioned that we’d been to Disney World while we were in Florida. With temperatures in the 90s and high humidity you can feel like you’re about to melt as you walk around Orlando’s Walt Disney World. The most magical place on Earth can also seem like the hottest place on Earth. But, there are ways to keep cool at the Magic Kingdom! Here are a few tips and tricks.

1. All the restaurants with seating offer free ice water to visitors. You do not have to purchase anything to get a glass of water. Just go to the counter and ask if you may have a free glass of ice water. Done! Some of the walk-up restaurants also offer free water.

2. Stop by the Splash ‘n’ Soak Station in Fantasyland. If you’re a grown-up you may be one of the only tall people playing in the water, but you won’t care once that elephant shoots water out of his trunk all over your back or the camel spits in your eye!

3. Spend 15 minutes playing skeeball or maybe even taking a nap in the air-conditioned Tomorrowland Arcade. This is also a good place to charge up your electronics if they need a boost, as there are outlets here.

4. Take a ride around the park on the WDW Railroad steam train and let the breeze cool you down.

5. Go indoors for an air-conditioned show — maybe at the Enchanted Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room, the Country Bear Jamboree, the Carousel of Progress, or the Hall of Presidents, one of my favorite napping spots at Walt Disney World. Bonus: all of these attractions rarely have much of a wait to get in!

6. The best way to cool down of all — Splash Mountain!!!! This was one of the only rides we actually waited in a long line to ride — and it was SO worth it! (More on avoiding lines in a future post.)

Take advantage of one of our ideas or just take a little break in one of the shady spots (Swiss Family Robinson, anyone?) that Walt Disney World provides for guests. The heat of an Orlando summer can be stifling but there are ways to make it manageable in the most magical place on Earth!

If you have tips for beating the summer heat, share them in the comments! Keep cool, and enjoy your week or your weekend!


2 thoughts on “The Magic Kingdom, Part 1: Keeping Your Cool at Disney World

  1. Central Florida certainly gets hot and humid! I have been to WDW during stifling weather and even a tornado. Some long rides, like Small World and Haunted Mansion, are other ideas. Shops also.

    • Whoa, WDW during a tornado does not sound ideal! Some rides are longer, you’re right, and it is deliciously cool in those, as well. Thanks for the feedback. Enjoy your week or your weekend, and keep cool, McCool!

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