Spring Break Planning – Make the Most of Your Travel Budget!


Spring is in the air!

Many people will be traveling for spring break soon — including us! — so what better time than now to remind you of a few tips that could make your spring break even better?!?

Rental cars can be expensive, but you can often find a great deal with a little know-how and some persistence. Don’t forget to double check the rates just before your trip — rates may have dropped at the last minute. Heck, if you live in the Northeast or in the Northwest, you may want to investigate taking the Bolt Bus instead of renting a car altogether!

It may be a little late to purchase inexpensive airline tickets with spring break just a few weeks away, but if you still need a plane ticket, check out our advice for saving money on airline tickets whether your trip is 11 days or 11 months from now!

ITA's website makes searching multiple airlines' airfares easy.

ITA’s website makes searching multiple airlines’ airfares easy.

Hotel rooms are generally one of the most significant costs of traveling, so saving on lodging can really stretch your travel budget. Check out our tips for spending less!

Our Travelzoo deal room at Resort at the Mountainnear Mt. Hood, Oregon

Our Travelzoo deal room at Resort at the Mountain near Mt. Hood, Oregon

Do you want to go, go, go or take it slow on your trip?  Either way, you’ll probably want to do a little itinerary planning. Wherever you’re headed, we suggest picking up a travel guidebook or two to help you choose what to do and where to go.

Just one of our many shelves of travel guidebooks!

Just one of our many shelves of travel guidebooks!

Photos can be among the best souvenirs from a great vacation.  Erin has some simple photo tips that photographers of all skill levels can use to make photos look just a little bit better!

Award-winning photo of Jeff at Sunset, Joshua Tree National Park

Award-winning photo of Jeff at sunset, Joshua Tree National Park

And finally, we always recommend packing light. As travel writer Rick Steves says, there are two types of travelers:  those who pack light, and those who wish they had. Check out our packing advice — you’ll be glad you did!


Here’s what’s in Erin’s carry-on bag for a week (minus the cat).

If you are traveling for spring break, travel safely, enjoy your trip, and take a look at our pre-travel checklist to ease a bit of pre-travel stress and to stretch your travel budget. Otherwise, use these travel tips to get started on planning your next trip! Either way, enjoy your week or your weekend!


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