Oregami Luggage Keeps Travelers Organized

Oregami Luggage

Have roller bag, will travel

Several months back Jeff met one of the masterminds behind a new line of luggage from an Oregon-based company called Oregami. The name of their company is a play on Oregon and folded paper origami and reflects the folding compartments facet of their luggage. Jeff was intrigued by the idea, and asked if they’d like to forge a partnership. So here we are, with a review of Oregami’s large roller bag, which we really, really liked. The Oregami Luggage folks have come up with a great concept for packing and they implemented their concept beautifully.

The roller bag is the size of a large duffel, (measures 30″ high X 15″ wide X 12″ deep) and has an interior frame. It also has wheels and a pull up handle, both of which seem sturdy and work impressively smoothly. The bottom of the bag is firm, while the top side is soft. Inside the bag are three easily removable molded tray-type compartments with zipped mesh covers. The empty trays nearly fill the space inside the bag, but there are about four inches of space left over (great for stuffing a few extra items in!). The empty bag weighs 14 lbs.

Oregami Luggage

The trays pull up and out easily

The three removable trays zip together, are stackable, and can be pulled up and out using clever tabs to lay flat, side by side. Their mesh covers allow you to easily see what’s in each tray, and they keep your travel items from getting all squished together or lost in the bag. This is one of my pet peeves of travel – not being able to find that one $%* shirt or headband or pair of socks that I know is in there somewhere!

I loved the organizational aspect of the bag. The removable trays can easily be placed in dresser drawers or on a shelf while traveling. They don’t take up a significant amount of the space inside the bag, a concern someone mentioned when we were describing the bag to them, and the organizational benefits far outweigh the negligible loss of space. We were easily able to pack — with room to spare — everything that both of us would need for a long weekend trip in one Oregami bag, including casual wear, clothes and shoes for two formal events, and all of our toiletries. We were pleasantly surprised that our dress shoes easily fit in the trays. Dividing our things up among the three separate compartments, being able to secure them with the zippers, and the see-through mesh helped us keep our clothing easy to find, organized, and fairly wrinkle-free.

Oregami Luggage

Everything stays neat and organized

In addition to the three stackable compartments, the bag has some additional space. As I mentioned, there’s some extra internal space at the end of the trays. We stuck an umbrella, a 2 lb bag of peanut m&Ms, a book, and a few other miscellaneous things in there at the last minute. The bag has several zippered pockets, as well. The interior has one on the top end and one on the main flap, and the exterior has a small pocket – good for hankies and maps – on the top and a longer one on the outer flap. These small details add to the functionality of the bag.

There were only two small critiques we had about the bag. One was that the tray compartment zippers were a little tricky to pull around the corners, possibly because they were new or possibly due to the molded corners themselves. The zippers appear sturdy, it just took a bit of a gentler hand to use them than we’re used to with luggage. Good for teaching us to slow down! The other minor issue was that the way the trays are designed to zip together and pull out leaves the top tray with its soft mesh side facing up inside the soft top of the bag — leaving items in that tray a bit less protected if checking the bag with an airline. A workaround is to simply flip one or all of the trays upside down so that a firm side ends up on top. Doing so makes the tabs that pull the trays out less accessible, but we didn’t find that to be a big deal. A simpler solution is to pack more delicate items in the lower two trays, where they’d be well-protected, and pack clothing in the top tray.

Oregami Luggage

Stacking trays fit perfectly into hotel dresser drawers

Overall, we were really impressed with the construction, innovative design, the ease of rolling this bag, and how well our things stayed organized and relatively wrinkle-free. Currently, Oregami produces just its large roller bag, but they are in the process of crowdsourcing a carry-on sized bag, which you can pre-purchase HERE. Since we generally do pack light, we’re excited about the carry-on option and look forward to checking it out once it’s available.

Staying organized on the road can be a challenge, and Oregami luggage definitely simplifies organization, avoiding the black hole that other large bags can become, and they are currently offering an awesome deal on the roller bagYou can now get the bag for $199, which is 50% off the regular price. I checked the prices on luggage at the store today, and I can tell you this is a very good deal! Shipping is included in the lower 48 US states. Go to the store HERE and enter the following promo code: SPRINGFLING17. Colors available are Black and Fossil. This promotion runs until June 30, 2017.

If you’re looking for new luggage, definitely take a look at this company. We thought their product was great! Enjoy your next travel adventure, whether it’s for a week or a weekend!

Oregami Luggage

Photos from the company website.

This post was sponsored by Oregami Luggage. All opinions are our own.


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