Adventure Breakfast – My New Favorite Thing!

Adventure breakfast

Our prep table

A few weekends ago we planned a snowshoe outing with our friends Kelly and Joel. They told us they’d take care of breakfast, and they said we’d be having an “adventure breakfast.”  We’re always up for an adventure, so of course we were in.  Little did we know, an adventure breakfast would be the start of a new tradition for us!

Kelly learned about adventure breakfast when she was a kid from her uncle who loved the outdoors, and she’s been doing them ever since. The main idea is to pack up everything you need to make a delicious hot breakfast and then take it somewhere adventurous and cook it up. So that’s what we did!

Adventure breakfast

Snow shovel or knife? Yes!

The road we planned to head up for our snowshoe was closed due to snow (the irony is not lost), so we took an alternate route. We ended up parking at the end of the road — in the snow in the forest on a beautiful morning, and it was all part of the adventure! Their car, a Honda CRV, has a removable table built into the floor of the rear cargo area (which is pure genius) that made our prep work easy. Forgetting a knife made our prep work a little more challenging, but you know what? Turns out the edge of a snow shovel is decently sharp! Necessity is the mother of invention!

Keeping the adventure classy, we drank mimosas from plastic glasses, and they were frosty-cold and delicious. The steaming hot scrambled eggs covered with gooey, melted cheese on bagels only slightly burned on the edges were pure perfection, and they fueled us up for some snowshoeing. It was one of the most delicious breakfasts I’ve ever had, and I have eaten a few delicious breakfasts in my day. There’s something special about eating outdoors. Everything tastes better.

We’re already planning some mini-adventure breakfasts for our upcoming national park trip. Since we won’t have a camp stove, they’ll just have to be cold breakfasts, not the full meal deal, but we’ll definitely be eating them outdoors. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter to see the spots we find. Maybe you can even plan your own adventure breakfast! Enjoy your next breakfast outdoors, whether its during a week or a weekend!


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