Three Reasons Why a Weekend Trip is Worth It!

The view from one of our favorite rental houses at the Oregon coast.

The view from one of our favorite rental houses at the Oregon coast.

We love taking extended trips and traveling to exciting destinations, but we also know the value of a weekend getaway. We’re busy people, like most people we know, and it’s easy to let that busy-ness get the best of us and put fun and relaxation on hold. But really, in five years, are we going to remember that day we entered all our receipts into Quicken or the day we walked on the beach and saw seals? I’m going with the seals! Here are three reasons why we find a weekend getaway is worthwhile.

1. Relaxing is simply easier to do when we’re not in our own home.

We’re very lucky because our home in Portland, Oregon, allows us close access to both the ocean and the mountains. We have some favorite spots near each, and we try to schedule at least one weekend getaway to each every spring and fall. Even if we’re watching a movie or playing a game or reading a book at home, those little odd jobs that need doing are still staring us in the face.

A long weekend at Mt. Hood to re-charge our batteries.

A long weekend at Mt. Hood to
re-charge our batteries.

But when we go away for the weekend to the beach or the mountain or, as we are this weekend, flying off to Palm Springs, we don’t take those odd jobs with us, and so we can spend the weekend doing — or not doing — anything we want to, guilt free!

2. We have extra energy when we get back home.

By taking the time to relax on a getaway weekend — even if it’s just for a night or two, when the weekend is over, we find we have a little extra energy that we might just be able to apply to those odd jobs. It’s always easier to face the daily grind after a relaxing, fun, out-of-town weekend.

3. There are plenty of inexpensive destinations available.

We find that we don’t need an all-inclusive resort or a big city for a quick weekend recharge. A picturesque campground, a cozy rental cabin, a budget hotel room, or a cheap vacation rental property will do the trick. (One of our favorite getaway spots is a tiny one-bedroom house on the Oregon Coast that’s a great value.)

There are getaway spots right around the corner from every city — and they’re often inexpensive. Look for good values on websites such as Groupon,, or, check out last-minute hotel deals on sites like, or just toss the tent into the car and hit a nearby campground for an overnighter!

Travel, near or far, is good for the soul — whether it’s for a week or a weekend!

How do you recharge your batteries? Do you have a favorite weekend getaway spot?  Let us know in the comments.

Enjoying some sunshine on the Oregon coast.

Enjoying some sunshine on the Oregon coast.


7 thoughts on “Three Reasons Why a Weekend Trip is Worth It!

  1. We love to go to McMenamin’s Edgefield, which is only 7 minutes from our house. (Yes, we timed it.) Feels like we’re 100 miles away, without having to travel 100 miles. Are you going to share the great Oregon coast value? Would love to know where that is.

    • McMenamin’s Edgefield is a lovely spot, and you do feel like you’re way out there, even though you’re not. Our secret spot is a rental from Pacific Retreats – a tiny place up on the hill in Gleneden Beach. We can get you the house # number if you want, but only if we’re not planning to go then 😉

  2. I think even if you stay at home, there definitely needs to be a Sabbath. Even God rested on the 7th day.

    • Resting and rejuvenating is SO important, even if you’re home, you’re right Heidi B. But it’s so much harder to just rest at home! That darn list is always staring us in the face. Glad your comments are finally coming through!

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