Roadtrippin’ and some news

20130716-222816.jpgWe are on day five of our 4800 mile road trip and having a fabulous time. The quick update:  so far we’ve been in six states, found 44 license plates, and visited one National Monument:  Devil’s Tower.  Next it’s on to Wind Cave NP, then Mount Rushmore, Badlands NP, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and finally Teddy Roosevelt NP before we head home.

You can follow our antics on our A Week or a Weekend Facebook page or on Twitter @aweekoraweekend where we’re posting updates.

There have also been a couple of exciting developments for us this week that we wanted to share.  First, one of our photos was highlighted on in their Favorite Animal Encounter carnival post.  You can see our photo and lots of other great animal encounter photos on their website.

We were also quoted in an article about best summer cars because you cannot beat the Eurovan.  Read the article here.

If you see us heading down the highway, be sure to honk, and enjoy your week or your weekend!


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