Fire Happens – Time for Plan B

Well, in case you hadn’t heard, Lassen NP has had a lot of closures from a big fire. Most of the places we planned to head were out of commission, so we called an audible and made a change. After a lot of discussion and debate, we’ve decided to go to Redwood NP.

We are planners, so this is a stretch for us, but it will be a good test of how easy it is (or not) to go to an NP on the spur of the moment on a Saturday on August!

We did find a few new license plates yesterday, but produce trucks were pretty much the highlight of the looooooong driving day (a result of the switch). Clearly, roma tomatoes are in season…we must have seen 20 trucks of tomatoes! The other truck is onions, and we saw several of those as well.



Wish us luck in our hunt for a campsite! We’ll report back on all our adventures later.

Enjoy your week or your weekend!


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