Snowy owl

Snowy owl

4 thoughts on “Snowy owl-green

  1. I’m reading Harry Potter now so can’t help but think of Hedwig!! You two really are bird nerds. 🙂 Awesome pics!

  2. Do you know if snowy owls get down as far as Southern Oregon? I spotted a large owl in one of our trees during the day that looked a lot like the pictures you posted.

    • From everything I read they do not often get that far, but during what they call an irruptive year, they have definitely been seen as far south as California. You can read more here. There is also an article here that seems to be quite good, but there is no authorship, so that’s a little problematic for me as a librarian. Lots of citations, though! Snowy owls are described as “unmistakable” and “distinctive”, so if it looks like the owls in our photos or the ones here, then you may well have seen a snowy owl. You might contact your local Audubon chapter to see if others have seen any in the area. I checked out the eBird map for Oregon and saw no sightings posted there as of yet for this year. Best of luck, and thanks for stopping by our blog!

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